About Therapy


In therapy, I will work with you to enable you to make choices based on YOUR chosen core values and inner wisdom, rather than reacting out of old patterns, fears and obligations. Therapy will help you become more self aware and flexible.


We will look at family patterns and relational issues that can make you feel stuck. Together we will work collaboratively to explore your inner landscape and begin mapping out paths to self-understanding and fulfillment that are supportive of your own creative and dynamic talents. My style is supportive and encouraging, with short and longer-term goals.

My practice draws from psychodynamic methods, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), somatic/body-oriented therapies, mindfulness practices and creative arts therapies.


I have heard many people say, "I have talked about this for a long time but nothing ever changes." We can work together using verbal as well as mindfulness and sensory awareness techniques to help you experience shifts at a deeper level.

Working in therapy on your issues and life’s goals can be a magical and life-changing experience. You’ll never know until you give it a try.

Areas of Focus


  1. Relationship Issues

•  Anxiety and Fears

•  Life Coaching

•  Depression and Bipolar Issues

•  Loss or Grief

•  Spirituality

•  Chronic Pain or Illness

•  Eating Disorders

•  Body Image Issues

•  Elderly Persons Disorders

•  Trauma or PTSD

•  Psychosis/Thinking Disorders